A Note From Jen & Jon

The Organic Farming movement has brought many inspired people to Columbia County, and it brings me great joy to see what they are doing. I was born and raised in Hudson, NY, and I can see that there is a need in my community which is not being met. This past 2015 season we were able to share the gifts received; the simple gifts of growing food, that can bring happiness to the hearts of many.

To my community, to those families who do not otherwise have access to good food, we were able to offer our own organically grown fresh vegetables. This season we distributed 1000 boxes of 200 varieties of vegetables to 50 families over a 20 week span!

We are excited to share that this upcoming 2016 season, in addition to our own produce, we will introduce farm fresh eggs from Hearty Roots Farm and Camphill Copake's fresh baked bread. We will start with tender spring greens and early roots, moving to heat loving cucumbers, beans, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers, and winding down with earthly roots, hardy greens, and winter squash in the fall. All families will enjoy fresh, delicious vegetables, eggs, and bread all sourced locally.

I hope this project will continue to bring the bounty of our Hudson Valley for all to enjoy. Many of our Good Food for Hudson Members as well as Farm Share Members will contribute to the financial stability of this program. Due to awesome community participation last year we ran a successful online fundraising campaign. Just like any small family business, we need to keep ahead of our expenses to stay in business and we are deeply grateful for all of the contributions we received.

We look forward to the fundraising ahead,

Jen and Jon Ronsani Lineage Farm & Good Food for Hudson